What is Ananda Yoga?

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There are many different types of yoga. The forms have been evolving since long before the Bible and take on different meanings to a worldwide audience. One of the little known versions is called Ananda Yoga. The postures are gentle and are designed to move energy toward the brain and prepare the body for better meditation. It was designed around the Hatha system, one that is very familiar to Westerners.

Ananda yoga is being embraced by the over 60 crowd. Perhaps this is due to the less physical stances that are presented in the beginning or the mental state of mind that comes from a life of experience. Whatever the reason, facilities across the US are popping up to share this form of yoga. There are also online courses available if you wish to learn the basics in the comfort of your home.

Ananda means “joy” in Sanskrit and is said to offer a more unique experience in reaching a spiritual level of consciousness with God. Most classes consist of 39 different stances that balance the mind, body and spirit.

If you have attended Hatha Yoga sessions in the past and have failed to find that right balance, Ananda Yoga could be better suited for your body and mind’s needs at this particular time in your life. One of the largest organizations for Ananda Yoga is Ananda Sangha and has centers based throughout the world. They also offer free online courses and a listing of upcoming retreats.

This could be a great program for you, especially if you are nearing retirement and are looking for an exciting new avenue in life.

Kathy Garton
Kathy Garton
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