The Benefits of Using a Cast Iron Skillet

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Sometimes technology doesn’t offer the best results. Take cast iron skillets, for instance. Made from pig iron, recycled cast iron and recycled scrap steel, one company in Tennessee has maintained the same basic recipe for creating great cast iron skillets since 1896. Lodge Manufacturing knows the secret of longevity and perfect seasoning coatings that make cast iron skillets a tradition.

Cast iron skillets are the only type of cookware that improves over time. That is why these hand-me-down skillets are so treasured in today’s world. The more use that it receives, the better it becomes in maintaining a non-stick quality, even cooking and helping food to keep its awesome flavors.  The  non-stick coatings on newer skillets can release chemicals into the foods as they cook, affecting the flavor and sending unwanted toxins into your body.

Natural organic oils and fats are key to maintaining the quality of a cast iron skillet. While we have been taught that only soap and water can eliminate germs and bacteria, the opposite is true with cast iron. Never use soap on the cooking surface. Instead, run the skillet under hot water and scrub away all food particles with a nylon brush. Place on a stove burner and set at low heat to dry completely. If there are dull spots remaining, coat with a little oil and rub with a clean cloth. Your skillet will be naturally cleaned and ready for the next use.

If you have never used a cast iron skillet for cooking, try it out. While it requires a little more care than a non-stick pan, the longevity and great-tasting food will be well worth the trouble. The best cast iron skillets can be found at garage sales, in grandma’s kitchen, or through a reputable manufacturer, like Lodge Manufacturing, that appreciates the natural value of cast iron skillets.

Kathy Garton
Kathy Garton
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