How I Solved My Sciatic Nerve Pain for Under $50

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August 18, 2017
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August 29, 2017

I had tried everything imaginable to treat my sciatic nerve pain, or so I thought. Chiropractors, general practitioners, neurologists and physical therapists were among specialists that I had been to over the past 20 years. Since I had always had an office job that required sitting, I tolerated the pain because moving on my feet was kept to a minimum. I have since learned that sitting is the number one worst thing that you can do to help sciatic nerve pain. I found this to be true after switching jobs. My new job required walking and standing for up to 4 hours at a time. I just could not do it.

Before giving up entirely, I considered visiting another chiropractor. I also thought of trying acupuncture on the soles of my feet. One idea that seemed to be pretty inexpensive was to purchase a pair of inserts for my shoes. Bingo! I found a machine by Dr. Scholl’s that measured the pressure points of your feet and purchased the recommended inserts for $49.98. When I placed the insoles in my shoes, the difference was immediate and amazing. Of course, I was nowhere near wanting to run a Marathon or to take dancing lessons, but actually walking without back pain and having numbness in my legs and hips, was a big relief.

This simple solution to a life-altering problem could have been addressed years earlier if I had just had my feet analyzed for uneven striking points. If you suffer from back pain or numbness, try visiting for a CUSTOM FIT® KIOSK LOCATOR near you. It can make a world of difference in avoiding activities that you once enjoyed.

Kathy Garton
Kathy Garton
Over the past 50 years, I have been lucky enough to witness powerful changes in technology, nutrition, culture, and life in general, some good and some bad. Only from experience can you see the big picture of an evolving world. After getting past the excitement of frozen meals, furnishings made of plastic and the Internet, the reality began to set in. More illnesses, especially respiratory, cardiovascular and uncontrollable weight gain were becoming the normal conditions of society. Rewind 50 years and the answers are apparent. Hi. I am Kathy and this site was created to share ideas and educate others on how to live a healthier, more meaningful life. I grew up on a farm where we raised our own food and animals for consumption. We never had air conditioning or a microwave oven and I felt as though we were living in the dark ages. What I would give to go back to that time. I have been a professional writer for over 20 years and have always being drawn to the natural aspects of life. I also worked for a petroleum company for 15 years and discovered many facts about how this product impacts our world. Through years of research, it has become crystal clear that we are making our lives less enjoyable by taking shortcuts through unnatural, manmade means. There can be a happy balance and by learning where we went wrong, the best of both worlds is possible. After years in corporate America, I moved to a 3-acre mini-farm where I continue my research and writing along with my kitties, Lizzie, Shadow and BK and bulldog, Bux.

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