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April 25, 2017
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We all know that sugar can be a deadly, but we eat it anyway. Artificial sweeteners can be just as harmful. Take charge today and grow your own natural sweetener that is guaranteed to be healthy and has no calories.

Stevia is a remarkable plant that is used in many parts of the world as a natural herbal sweetener. In Japan, for example, about 40% of the sweetener market is stevia-based. Stevia leaves are 30 times sweeter than sugar but contain virtually no calories. It is native to South America, where its use as a sweetener has been known for at least 1,500 years. In the U.S., due to pressure from the powerful sugar lobby, Stevia is regulated by the FDA and until recently could be offered only as a dietary supplement.

Here are two excellent nurseries where you can find quality Stevia plants to start living healthier. It is recommended to start with plants instead of seeds. Even if you could get them to germinate, results can prove disappointing, since stevioside levels can vary greatly in plants grown from seed.

The Herbal Advantage in Rogersville, MO.

Richter’s Herbs in Goodwood, Ontario.

Stevia plants can be grown outside or indoors. They are easily killed by frost and should be kept above 50-degrees F. Once ready to harvest, dry out the leaves, crush and mix ¼ cup of Stevia finely crushed leaves with 1 cup of water. Let stand for 24 hours, strain and refrigerate. You will have your own liquid Stevia extract to use in the place of sugar.

Kathy Garton
Kathy Garton
Over the past 50 years, I have been lucky enough to witness powerful changes in technology, nutrition, culture, and life in general, some good and some bad. Only from experience can you see the big picture of an evolving world. After getting past the excitement of frozen meals, furnishings made of plastic and the Internet, the reality began to set in. More illnesses, especially respiratory, cardiovascular and uncontrollable weight gain were becoming the normal conditions of society. Rewind 50 years and the answers are apparent. Hi. I am Kathy and this site was created to share ideas and educate others on how to live a healthier, more meaningful life. I grew up on a farm where we raised our own food and animals for consumption. We never had air conditioning or a microwave oven and I felt as though we were living in the dark ages. What I would give to go back to that time. I have been a professional writer for over 20 years and have always being drawn to the natural aspects of life. I also worked for a petroleum company for 15 years and discovered many facts about how this product impacts our world. Through years of research, it has become crystal clear that we are making our lives less enjoyable by taking shortcuts through unnatural, manmade means. There can be a happy balance and by learning where we went wrong, the best of both worlds is possible. After years in corporate America, I moved to a 3-acre mini-farm where I continue my research and writing along with my kitties, Lizzie, Shadow and BK and bulldog, Bux.

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