Natural Living

December 19, 2016

Clean Air Ducts Equal Better Health

You might be surprised to find out what is living in your air ducts. Air duct cleaners certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association, have […]
December 18, 2016

Building Materials that are Naturally Sustainable

If man had turned to science instead of chemistry, the world would have been a much different place. Before petroleum and plastics were introduced to the […]
December 15, 2016

Healthy Feet are Happy Feet

Ignoring the health of your feet can lead to unwanted pain and infection. It’s time to really analyze those limbs that carry the blunt of your […]
December 11, 2016

Finding the Right Comfort Level with Humidity

No one likes to be uncomfortable in times of high humidity. However, a lack of humidity can be unhealthy. The perfect mix for human comfort ranges […]